Acer recovery keystroke

Remember future adam that the keystroke to format your acer on boot is Alt F10


Rememer this

Love is blind…her hair falls perfectly on my my mind. Something else…


Girls are weird. How can you be so wildly attracted to a girl and another girl comes along and woos you and her appeal disappears. Its kind of weird, but I like that about women. Its like getting over a woman can be so hard, but once an attractive girlk throws you a bone you lose interest in that other chick…tight


The darkness is watching. Then I lay in my bed I feel the blanket of evil…covering my body in darkness.


Ill be back to write this


“Man, that was dope.” Dope like the dope that slang when I’m broke and hit when I smoke when I wanna get domed to face and the days I can’t take all the fame that I made for myself. And my health is okay, but I can say one day that something in my life was okay.


I recently watched “Groundhog Day” and Billy Murray was stuck on the same day and that day was groiundhogs day. My idea is to write a book or write the screenplay for a movie about the guy who’s stuxk on a day, but after doing the normal bullshit fun lame shit he moves on to accomplishing dark fantasies and stuff that people would do to their worst enemy. I’m talking about rape, murder, kill themselves, fulfillm their darkest fantasies and have the character get caught up in his endeavors and become a sort of serial killer, except there are. Others who are stuck in the same day or something aloong those lines. It’d be dark and staring someone like Ryan Gosling. Yeah, he’s a dark character at heart. He lives a simple life, but who doesn’t have deep, disturbing thoughts? If I were stuck in a day id do horrible things


Toss this around in your mind. What if a book’s main character was a true,honest living, polished human being? And every book that’s ended in a person dying was an actual person. How insane is that?