I felt this

Yo! Come to my hood and see, the babies screaming for the moms that they can’t see, and she’s not in the vicinty cause it may sound extreme but she’s a fuckin crack fiend. Leavin her blood all alone, on her own, settin a path for mom, forever gone. Yeah its true, the white kids laugh, but the black kid is runnin home from school, lookin out for the stick up, kids. Yellin out to their victims “yeah nigga, you know what it is” run that shit ‘for shit gets serious. But the stick up went wrong, victim pulled a gun, and the kid got his head blown, off. That’s the life as crack walked over, tryin to catch a bone, young and dumb, hopin for a rose, to grow through the, stone. Look around and you’ll soon know, all these little niggas had to become the men of their homes.


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