Today is

A transcendental kind of day. We gathered and watched the confrontation mutilate our human race. We, heard the screams and seen the beings who fell to their death. For a country who wrecked the economy and we met our destiny and we focus on the wrong efforts and ignore our debt. Not only the federal notes that compose a mountain of lies, but the debt america owes to the families of those who died on the day of reckoning. We, watched, as, our , president, stood by, with that puzzled look on his face as we watched the puzzle we looked puzzled. And our efforts failed because we were inhaled in. Our breaths were wasted as we screamed and the american faces were saturated with soot. And what did we achieve? What did we achieve when we send our own to fight for our own? We achieved nothing. A day that will be remembered as the day that is remembered for terror. It marks the beginning of an end. We live out our debt. We are slaves.


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