You just don’t know what it’s like

You don’t know what its like to be this guy.
The one who tries everytime only to get rejected because of a defect. The guy who seems to be in control, but underneath the surface the issues are rising up to the surface to show their ugly heads. The one who takes risks and chances only to be told an empty excuse as to why she doesn’t like me. Well, people this is truthful because all my life I’ve dealt with these issues and I can’t stand to paint a vivid picture that depicts a sore loser with a winner’s face. I hate, no let’s be sane, I dislike these women who claim to want something more from a relationship but continue to look in the wrong places. Cause honey, you won’t find me at a party getting you wasted so I can fuck you. You’ll find this kind heart helping you pick your books up off the ground. Or snugged up in a tight corner of the library pretending to read shakespeare. Just remember, when all else fails and that douchebag dumps you, I’m here. Because a nice guy never leaves. Even after the onslaught of rejection I’m proud enough to strive toward love on anyday of the week.


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