App idea

App that allows you to listen to a characters voice and it tells you who voices that character. Similar to shazam but for actors.

I felt this

Yo! Come to my hood and see, the babies screaming for the moms that they can’t see, and she’s not in the vicinty cause it may sound extreme but she’s a fuckin crack fiend. Leavin her blood all alone, on her own, settin a path for mom, forever gone. Yeah its true, the white kids laugh, but the black kid is runnin home from school, lookin out for the stick up, kids. Yellin out to their victims “yeah nigga, you know what it is” run that shit ‘for shit gets serious. But the stick up went wrong, victim pulled a gun, and the kid got his head blown, off. That’s the life as crack walked over, tryin to catch a bone, young and dumb, hopin for a rose, to grow through the, stone. Look around and you’ll soon know, all these little niggas had to become the men of their homes.



I don’t want to live today or tomorrow, or the next day. I feel horrible. Hurt and so much more

Today is

A transcendental kind of day. We gathered and watched the confrontation mutilate our human race. We, heard the screams and seen the beings who fell to their death. For a country who wrecked the economy and we met our destiny and we focus on the wrong efforts and ignore our debt. Not only the federal notes that compose a mountain of lies, but the debt america owes to the families of those who died on the day of reckoning. We, watched, as, our , president, stood by, with that puzzled look on his face as we watched the puzzle we looked puzzled. And our efforts failed because we were inhaled in. Our breaths were wasted as we screamed and the american faces were saturated with soot. And what did we achieve? What did we achieve when we send our own to fight for our own? We achieved nothing. A day that will be remembered as the day that is remembered for terror. It marks the beginning of an end. We live out our debt. We are slaves.


More details about my dream. The girl looked like victoria justice. And when I ran out of the house because I woke up in the house it was like my grandmas house but I fell underneath this shady tree. God this dream was uh crazy

I just had

A fucking crazily vivid dream. I kept waking up in this house over and over again and I kept hearing the family’s voices. So I got up and tried to run once out of the house. But, I got up and asked this woman who was fixing her hair what house I was in and she answered, but I can remember who’s house she said, but there was this girl who walked up and I asked her what her name was and she said rana anastasia or something like that so from that point on her and I were dating. The next scene was like us two in her bed and her windows were open and the curtains were blowing. And we had just had sex. She said “let’s go do something” and I didn’t want to do anything, so after that there was the mother and some kids or something leaving in a blue car and I was there like part of the family. And I tried to yell wake up and I couldn’t because I couldn’t speak. Then I did wake up, but I was in the apartment and there was an atrium and the moon was shining in. I fell onto the wall into my mom’s room and she was fizzing from her mouth and I tried to yell wake up again and I couldn’t. Them I just randomly woke up. And that’s all I can remember for the moment

I thought of…

I thought of this when I was alone…lol and I what if the little girl on the childrens tv show “little bear” and its just the recordings of what she does on her lsd trip. (We’re watching her trip)

Acer recovery keystroke

Remember future adam that the keystroke to format your acer on boot is Alt F10

Rememer this

Love is blind…her hair falls perfectly on my my mind. Something else…


Girls are weird. How can you be so wildly attracted to a girl and another girl comes along and woos you and her appeal disappears. Its kind of weird, but I like that about women. Its like getting over a woman can be so hard, but once an attractive girlk throws you a bone you lose interest in that other chick…tight